Young Economist of the Year Competition – 2021 winners receive their awards


The awards ceremony for the 2021 Young Economist of the Year Competition was held at Imperial College London on 20 October 21.

The event was opened by Professor Tomasso Valletti, Head of the Department of Economics and Public Policy at Imperial College London, who welcomed the winners to the campus. Professor Valletti discussed the role of economics and economists in developing solutions to the 21st century challenges facing humanity.

Andrew Jack, Global Education Editor at the Financial Times, congratulated the winners and explained the FT’s role in supporting the competition and its work to engage young people in economics.

The winners were each presented with their awards by Professor Dame Carol Propper, RES Past President.

The winners of the 2021 Young Economist of the Year competition were:

  • Overall winner Marc Kadir, Manchester Grammar School for an essay on ‘will the legacy of COVID lead to a more economically unequal world?’
  • Bruno Moura (“When, if ever, is it a good idea for central banks to set interest rates below zero?”
  • Haoyu Wang (“We will fail to address climate change because Covid-19 showed we are unable to muster a concerted global response to common crises? Do you agree?”)
  • Konrad Kurczynski (“Technological change will mean the wage gap between the skilled and unskilled will simply keep growing? Do you agree with this assessment?”)