Working in the Think-Tank Sector is Open for Registrations


The Royal Economic Society is working together with NIESR and other esteemed organisations to launch the ‘Working in the Think-Tank’ outreach event, which is now open for registrations.

The event brings together a group of think tanks and similar organisations to hold a webinar for undergraduates about working in the think tank sector.

Think tanks are research organisations that develop ideas on a whole range of subjects affecting society. They make suggestions for action, using research, analysis and commentary to inform and influence politicians, policy makers and the public.

Given the recent economic, social and political issues facing the UK, encouraging more diversity in the world of research and policy-making is more important than ever.

This innitiative is aimed at targeting a more diverse audience group, such as people from Black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups, people with work-limiting conditions or impairments, young adults with caring responsibilities (including young parents), mature students, people from lower-income backgrounds and care leavers.

Through this event, the organisations involve hope to see contributions from people of different backgrounds and encourage varied ideas and efforts for a range of communities.

In addition, participants will be able to hear from the various organisations involve, which include:

  • Centre for Progressive Policy
  • Institute for Employment Studies
  • Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • Institute for Government
  • Involve
  • IPPR
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Living Wage Foundation
  • National Institute of Economic and Social Research
  • Nuffield Trust
  • Pro Bono Economics
  • Resolution Foundation
  • Royal Economic Society
  • Smart Thinking
  • Trade Union Congress

Outline and registrations

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