Women’s Committee

Our Women’s Committee promotes the status of women in economics by identifying and removing barriers to progress. Headed by Prof. Jo Swaffield– Chair of the Women’s Committee – the committee monitors and reports on the status of women in economics and seeks to identify and to tackle the causes of their under-representation in the subject. It provides support for women in their careers as economists and ensures that the interests of women are represented in all of the Society’s activities.

Women’s Committee is divided into four sub-committees:

Mentoring and Support sub-committee is responsible for supporting women in their careers. The Mentoring and Support sub-committee supports women in economics through mentoring workshops, by supporting departments applying for Athena Swan awards and promoting links with similar groups in other academic disciplines. The committee is responsive to approaches from economists concerned about gender imbalance. The Mentoring and Support sub-committee leads are Prof Jo Blanden and Dr Valentina Tonei.

Monitoring the Status of Women in Economics sub-committee is responsible for monitoring and producing a biennial report on the status of women in economics in the UK. All the latest findings are published on our Status of women in Economics Report page. The Monitoring the Status of Women in Economics sub-committee leads are Prof Monica Costas-Dias and Dr Erin Hengel. 

Communication and Engagement sub-committee is responsible for promoting the interests of women in economics. This is principally done through the UK Women in Economics Network (UK WEN). Alongside this, outreach is done through the RES Annual Conference Women’s Committee Session and promotion of the Women’s Committee activities through a variety of networks. UK WEN is led by Almudena Sevilla as UK WEN Chair, alongside Chloe Maycock, Kate Collyer, Kiran Krishna, Anna Leach and Misa Tanaka. 

   Shaping and championing best practice is a new branch introduced from Autumn 2023. It focuses on awarding gaps in research awards, journal publications, and gender differences. It also looks at outreach and engagement with academic and professional societies, research funders, and editorial boards. It is currently looking at liaising with the RES Diversity work, Discover Economics and the Standards of Conduct Committee to lead on championing best practice in the profession. Jo Swaffield, Women’s Committee Chair is leading this work. 

RES Women's Committee

Professor Almudena Sevilla, former Chair of the Women’s Committee, explains the committee’s work to tackle under-representation.

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