Webinar: Preparing to Succeed in the European Job Market for Economists


The RES will be co-hosting a webinar this month ahead of the European Job Market for Economists (EJM) in December. This webinar will provide an overview of how the EJM works and can be viewed by members here on our website

The EJM aims to provide better matching of bright young economists with European universities and research institutions. The EJM provides a forum for around 150+ institutions to meet 1000+ candidates each year making connections that would not otherwise happen.

The annual EJM has four phases: the posting of open positions during the Autumn; reviewing applications; interviewing candidates in December; and then fly-outs during January and February. A panel of experienced hirers and recently-successful candidates will talk through the different phases of the job market and answer questions on how candidates can best succeed, covering topics such as:

– What are hiring institutions looking for?

– What is a Job Market Paper and how important is it?

– What it’s like being on the market?

– How do first interviews work?

– How do fly-outs work?

RES President Carol Propper said: ‘The Royal Economic Society is delighted to be able to offer young economists this overview of how the European Job Market for Economists will work this year and share with them tips on how best to succeed in their job search.’

The webinar will take place on Monday 19 October at 1:30PM BST. You can register for the webinar here.

Speakers: Tim Besley (LSE), Michael McHahon (Oxford), Marina Della Giusta (Reading), Maarten De Ridder (LSE), Caitlin Brown (Manchester).