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Weak Identification

RES 2023 Annual Conference Special Session Weak Identification Anna Mikusheva (MIT): Weak Identification with Many Instruments (slides)  

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The New Difference-in-Differences

RES 2022 Annual Conference Special Session The New Difference-in-Differences Xavier D’Haultfœuille (CREST-ENSAE): Two-Way Fixed Effects and Differences-in-Differences with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects: A Survey (slides) Jeffrey Wooldridge (Michigan

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Econometrics of Panel Data

RES 2019 Annual Conference Warwick Special Session Econometrics of Panel Data Iván Fernández-Val (Boston): Panel Models with Factor Structure (slides) Bo Honoré (Princeton): Point-Identification in Simple Dynamic

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Structural Macroeconometrics

RES 2018 Annual Conference BrightonSpecial Session Structural Macroeconometrics Barbara Rossi (UPF/BGSE) : The Effects of Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy: A New Identification Procedure Marco

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Econometrics of Games

RES 2017 Annual Conference BristolSpecial Session Econometrics of Games Elie Tamer (Harvard) : Thoughts on Causal Inference in Games (slides) Phil Haile (Yale) : Unobserved

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Model Selection and Inference

RES 2016 Annual Conference Brighton Special Session Model Selection and Inference Chair: Andrew Chesher (UCL) Christian Hansen (University of Chicago) : Model Selection and Post-Model

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Econometrics of Matching

RES 2015 Annual Conference Manchester Special Session Econometrics of Matching Alfred Galichon (Sciences Po) : Estimating Transfer Frictions in the Marriage Market Slide Pages: 1

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