The Road Ahead: Visions for the Emerging World and Poverty


The Marshall Society of Economics at the University of Cambridge is holding its inaugural conference on Saturday 25th January 2014, titled ''The Road Ahead: Visions for the Emerging World and Poverty'' to bring together engaged audiences and internationally-recognised subject specialists in the form of lively debates, and keynote addresses and contribute to important domestic and global economic issues through the discussion and stimulation of innovative ideas.
Confirmed speakers include Peter Coy (Economics Editor for Bloomberg Businessweek), Liu Xiaoming (the Chinese Ambassador to the UK) and Gwen Hines (Executive Director to the World Bank) talking on:
Global Poverty: Old challenges. New ideas – What new innovative ideas can be applied to solve one of the world''s most pressing challenges?
Emerging Markets: Where now? – What challenges face the world''s emerging economies? How should they react to them? How will the economic power balance shift in the future?
Britain and International Organisations – What approaches should Britain, and the world''s global institutions take towards international development?

More information on the conference can be found on the event website: www.marshallconference.com