The Economic Journal: new submission requirements


The Royal Economic Society has implemented a new income-related pricing structure, whereby the price an individual pays for RES membership will be determined by their income. The new schedule reduces fees for low-income online-only members and increases it for high-income members.

In the light of the new membership fee structure, the non-member submission fee will increase to £220 from 4 January 2022. The submission fees for members remain unchanged, but have been adjusted to account for the new income-based membership fee structure. Submission fees are £50 for student and tier A members; £100 for tier B, C & D members and £220 for non-members. All submission fees are subject to VAT at 20%. Resubmissions will not be subject to a fee.

If you are intending to submit to the Journal, please consult the Submission Fee Schedule and Terms and Conditions in addition to the Author Guidelines.