The Economic Journal: new submission requirements


Due to the growing number of new submissions to The Economic Journal starting from Monday 22nd February 2021 submission fees will increase to £100 for ordinary members; £50 for retired, unemployed, student and developing country members and £150 for non-members. All submission fees are subject to VAT at 20%. Resubmissions will not be subject to a fee.

The rationale for the increase is to continue to provide a high-quality and timely service to submitting authors. During 2020 the number of new submissions exceeded those received before fees were introduced (1,688 in 2020 vs 1,603 in 2018). The Journal has increased the number of Managing Editors from 8 to 9 in the past year and a number of other measures have been put in place to manage the growing number of submissions. In addition, in 2019 the Journal introduced pre-acceptance reproducibility checks to ensure the robustness of research published in the Journal.

Today we find it necessary to increase submission fees not only to cover operational costs, but also to continue to provide a timely and high-quality editorial service to submitting authors.

If you are intending to submit to the Journal, please consult the Submission Fee Schedule and Terms and Conditions in addition to the Author Guidelines.