The Economic Journal 2016 Prize Winners


We are delighted to announce this year''s prize winners.

Austin Robinson Memorial Prize

Awarded to the best paper published in The Economic Journal in a given year by an author (or multiple authors) who is within 5 years of receiving his or her (or their) PhD as selected by the Editors of The Economic Journal.

Joint Prize:

Pedro Gomes ''Optimal Public Sector Wages''
The Economic Journal, September 2015

Erick Gong ''HIV Testing and Risky Sexual Behaviour''
The Economic Journal, February 2015

Royal Economic Society Prize

Awarded to the best paper published in The Economic Journal in a given year as selected by the RES President, a representative of the Economic Journal Editorial Board and one invited judge from the RES Council.

Miaojie Yu ''Processing Trade, Tariff Reductions and Firm Productivity: Evidence from Chinese Firms''
The Economic Journal, June 2015

Referee Prize

Up to 14 prizes awarded each year for referees judged by the Editors to have made an outstanding contribution in this capacity.

Britta Augsburg, Institute for Fiscal Studies
Tobias Broer, Stockholm University
Edouard Challe, École Polytechnique
Cormac O''Dea, University College London
Francois Gourio, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Christopher Huckfeldt, Cornell University
Oksana Leukhina, University of Washington
David Miller, University of Michigan
Helen Miller, Institute for Fiscal Studies
Francesco Nava, London School of Economics
Hessel Oosterbeek, Amsterdam School of Economics
Pedro Rey-Biel, Autonomous University of Barcelona
Juan Pablo Rud, Royal Holloway, University of London
Erik Schokkaert, University of Leuven