The Econometrics Journal: New submission fee

EctJ submission fee-07

The Econometrics Journal will charge a submission fee from Tuesday, 21 May 2024. This is part of a wider drive to make the Journal financially self-sufficient, which also entailed consolidating and centralising its data replication and editorial office functions under RES in autumn 2023.

The RES Strategy (2024-2028) outlines the Society’s mission to promote the study and application of economics and to support those in the discipline. To deliver this strategy, the Society is developing a financial strategy to achieve stability to no longer depend on the expenditure of reserves to support current expenditures. Financial sustainability will also strengthen the position of the journals in an increasingly competitive and open access publishing market.

If you are intending to submit to The Econometrics Journal, please consult the RES Submission Fee Policy and Terms and Conditions in addition to the Journal’s Submission Guidelines.