The City and the Common Good – Open Debate Series


The response to on-going financial instability has moved well beyond regulatory reform and is increasingly focusing on issues of culture, purpose, identity and meaning. We know we are about more than making money, but why does it so often not seem that way?

After four years of discussion about what has gone wrong and who might be responsible, and an unprecedented level of regulatory reform, there is now a call for step changes that will reinforce a culture of integrity and prudence and ensure that we do not repeat the mistakes of the recent past. But if we are to discuss the individual steps, do we not first need to talk about our objectives: what kind of ''City'' do we want?

Held in conjunction with CCLA, the third of a significant series of three debates under the dome at St Paul''s will probe key issues that underlie the report of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Banking and the wider financial sector.

The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, adds that: "In the end, what will make the most difference to the impact of the financial services sector on our society and our economy are the decisions people working in them make. So we need to work to develop good habits, patterns of virtue that serve the rest of society, in our banks."
This series of events will be Chaired by Stephanie Flanders, BBC Economics Editor.

Good Banks
Wednesday 12th June – 6.00pm

Justin Welby – Archbishop of Canterbury (Keynote)
Antony Jenkins – Group Chief Executive, Barclays

The relationship between banks and society has been described in the aftermath of the financial crisis as a ''social contract'', but what is the objective of the contract? What is the purpose of banking and how do we foster a culture that helps that purpose be realised?

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