Webinar: Teaching and Communicating with Data


On Friday 27 August, 9-11am GMT the EEA Education Committee will be hosting a webinar on Teaching and Communicating with Data. The session is open to non-registered participants.

The session will consist of two parts. The webinar will begin with some contributions from professionals who routinely use economic data communication and visualisation in their working life in sectors such as the media, finance and government. The contributors will outline how they prioritise, visualise and present data in their own work and the skills that are required to communicate successfully with data.

The second part of the workshop is on embedding data communication skills into university economics teaching. This will involve an interactive discussion on, among other things, the development of infographic and data visualisation skills; teaching and assessing the skills of communicating to specific audiences and ideas for how to teach this material in engaging ways.

The link for joining the session can be found here