Special Issue on Econometrics of Networks Published


The Econometrics Journal has published a Special Issue on Econometrics of Networks.

The Editorial Board of The Econometrics Journal occasionally commissions Special Issues on subjects of current interest and importance. The Econometrics of Networks is such a subject. Data on networks of individuals, firms, regions, etc., are increasingly available and allow for detailed analysis of the economic and social interactions that shape our world. The careful analysis of networks and the interactions that they facilitate requires advanced and often new econometric models and methods. This Special Issue contains seven papers that offer such advances in the economic analysis of networks. They cover methods for the empirical analysis of both network formation and the effects intermediated by networks, with applications to peer effects, regional growth spillovers, international trade and market microstructure in finance. They were selected for the Special Issue in an editorial process overseen by Jaap Abbring, then Co-Editor and now Managing Editor, and Áureo de Paula, Associate Editor of The Econometrics Journal.