Prof Denise Osborn

Secretary-General 2015-2022

Now Emeritus, Denise was employed at the University of Manchester for 38 years, 23 as professor, publishing more than 80 papers and one book, many with international collaborators. External roles include Sub-Panel Chair UK RAE2008, Deputy Panel Convenor Hong Kong RAE2014 and service for the Royal Economic Society, Economic and Social Research Council and Leverhulme Trust, among others.


Prof John Beath

RES Secretary-General 2008-2015

John is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of St Andrews and a Council member of the ESRC. A fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Royal Society of Arts and the Academy of Social Sciences, he was appointed OBE in the 2015 Birthday Honours List.


Prof Richard Portes

RES Secretary-General 1993-2008

Richard is a professor of economics at London Business School and the founder and honorary president of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society and the British Academy and Honorary Fellow of Balliol College Oxford. His research areas are international macroeconomics and finance and financial regulation. He was decorated CBE in 2003.


Prof Aubrey Silberston

RES Secretary-General 1979-1993

Aubrey Silberston (1922-2015) was an economic lecturer at Cambridge between 1951 and 1971, a fellow of St John’s College in Cambridge and a fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford.


Prof Ronald Tress

RES Secretary-General 1977-1978

Ronald Tress (1915-2007) was a Master of Birbeck College London and the former director of the Leverhulme Trust.


Sir Charles Frederick Carter

RES Secretary-General 1971-1976

Sir Charles Frederick Carter (1919-2002) was the founding Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University and a lecturer in statistics at Cambridge University from 1945-1951.


Sir Austin Robinson

RES Secretary-General 1945-1970

Sir Austin Robinson (1897-1993) was a professor of economics at Cambridge University from 1950 to 1965, the President of the International Economic Association from 1959 to 1962 and the Director of Economics at the Ministry of Power from 1967-69.


John Maynard Keynes, 1st Baron Keynes

RES Secretary-General 1912-1944

One of the most influential economists of the twentieth century, John Maynard Keynes created a revolution in postwar economic thinking through his writing, most notably his 1936 publication The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money. He was appointed editor of The Economic Journal in 1911.


Charles Joseph Hamilton

RES Secretary-General 1906-1911


Henry Higgs

RES Secretary-General 1891-1905

Henry Higgs (1864-1940) was a founding member of the British Economic Association in 1890, which became the Royal Economic Society in 1902. He served as the assistant editor to The Economic Journal from 1896 to 1905.


Francis Ysidro Edgeworth

RES Secretary-General 1890-1891

Francis Ysidro Edgeworth (1845-1926) was the founding editor of the Economic Journal and a prominent political economist who made significant contributions to the methods of statistics during the 1880s.