Royal Economic Society Annual Public Lecture 2018

Research evidence and policy insights on the challenges of global poverty and development
Professor Oriana Bandiera (LSE)

Our 2018 Annual Public Lecture takes place at the Royal Institution, London on 21 November at 17:30 and the University of York on 28 November at 13:00. We’ll be livestreaming the York lecture at tinyurl.com/APLlive – if you have any questions you’d like to have asked at the lecture, tweet them using the hashtag #WhatEconomistsReallyDo and we’ll answer as many as we can.

‘Money’ is the most common word associated with economics – but the subject is about so much more than that. It’s about making a difference to people’s lives by seeking to understand the causes of the things that matter most to them – their livelihoods, their communities, their environment, their opportunities – and by thinking about how to make them better. Nowhere is that more important than among the poorest people in the least developed parts of the world.

This public lecture by Professor Oriana Bandiera, director of the Suntory and Toyota Centre for Economics and Related Disciplines at the London School of Economics, will explore ‘what economists really do’ – particularly their efforts to analyse and advise on policies to fight extreme poverty and promote economic development that can transform people’s lives. She will outline some of the findings of her own research – on providing work for the poorest women in Bangladesh; on promoting vocational training for unemployed youth in Uganda; and on attracting talented community health workers in Zambia.