#RES2022 Annual Conference: The Economic Effects of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Special Session free to view


special session-02.png

The Royal Economic Society is pleased to announce that we are releasing the RES 2022 Annual Conference Special Session on ‘The Economic Effects of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict’ free to the public. This is a special session organised by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR).

The session covers three papers that talks about the economic implications of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, including the impact it may have on Europe’s energy supplies.

The session was chaired by Professor Stephen Millard from NIESR and below are the line-up of speakers and their research papers:

Paper 1:  The economic effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Presenter:  Paul Mortimer-Lee (NIESR)

Co-Author:  Corrado Macchiarelli

Paper 2:  Can Europe live without Russian gas?

Presenter:  Simone Tagliapietra (Bruegel)

Co-Authors:  Ben McWilliams, Giovanni Sgaravatti, and Georg Zachmann

Paper 3:  War in Ukraine:  What are the options for Europe’s energy supply?

Presenter:  Erkal Ersoy (Herriot-Watt University)

Co-Author:  Christopher Aitken

View full session here