RES 2021 Annual Conference: Special Sessions

Monday 12 April 


The past mirror: the economics of historical pandemics 

Lessons from two once-in-a-century crises for the conduct of macroeconomic policy 

Promoting Diversity in Economics

Bank of England – Trade Policy in the era of Global Value chains

ESCoE-ONS-RSS: Improving the communication of economics and economic statistics

Social Media and NLP in Economics

Tuesday 13 April 


The future of  funding economic research in the UK

CFM session: Risk and uncertainty in macroeconomics

Diversity in Economics Learning and Teaching (DELT)

Climate Change: Investment, policy and growth

Ofcom – The economic rationale for Public Service Broadcasting and Public Service Media

Understanding gender gaps in the labour market

Wednesday 14 April 


Gender Economics: Policy Implications

MMF – The Impact of Covid and Brexit Shocks on UK Employment, Investment and Productivity

Health Foundation  – Econ and Epi – what have we learnt from COVID-19 and where next?

Productivity Institute  – ESCoE – ONS session: Finding the Missing Capitals: sources of growth redefined 

The Econometrics Journal – Econometrics of dynamic discrete choice

Models at central banks

An overview of applying for a special session at a RES Conference:

Typically a Special Session includes:

  • A session with 3-4 presenters
  • Presenters and corresponding discussants
  • A panel discussion

To submit your proposal please choose one of the options below:

Special Session proposal: self-funded

If you would like to brand your Special Session, please complete the form below detailing your proposal and email it to programme@res.org.uk. Note that no funding is available via this route, however you will receive a logo in the Conference brochure and app, can place a banner in the session and have the ability to brand the title of the session e.g. RES session on xxx.

Special Session self-funded

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Special Session Proposal: funding requested

If you would like to apply for funding to run a Special Session, please complete the form below detailing your proposal and email it to programme@res.org.uk. Note that if your proposal is accepted, funding will only be eligible for one day registration and economy advance travel in line with the RES expenses policy (provided on acceptance of the proposal).

Following the Conference a claim form will be available from this page. In order to claim expenses you will need to provide the receipts for economy advance travel and accommodation and these will be processed and refunded up to the maximum amount awarded to your session. Note that subsistence or registration fees are not eligible expenditure.

Special Session funding requested

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