PhD Conference Joining Instructions – 2023

The RES and the University of Glasgow are looking forward to welcoming you to the RES PhD Conference 2023. We have laid out the following information to help you prepare for your attendance.

Date: Friday 9 June
Registration opens: 08.45

St Andrew’s Building
University of Glasgow
University Avenue
G3 6NH

Campus Map (use the search function under ‘Get Directions’ to find the venue)

Registration will open at 08.45.  On arrival at the St Andrew’s Building second floor foyer, you will be welcomed by student volunteers.  Collect your badge and delegate bag.

Your delegate badge should be worn at all times.

Please note: the area in which the conference is taking place is a shared space between delegates and University of Glasgow students and staff.  Please be mindful when in quiet spaces.

Cloakroom and Luggage Store
There will be somewhere to hang coats and leave small bags within the foyer area.  All items are left at your own risk.

View the latest conference programme here.

In the afternoon, we will have an interactive session with Prof Hervé Moulin. on “getting your paper published”.

If you would like to submit a question for Prof Moulin in advance, please email your question to Yanyu Zhou, who is part of the organising committee on: Yanyu.Zhou@glasgow.ac.uk

On arrival in the city centre, the Subway system is the best way to travel, just 10 minutes between downtown Glasgow and the University Campus. 

A one-day travel card is £4.20.

A map and ticketing information is available here. 

There are two lines: an outer circle running clockwise and an inner circle running anticlockwise, use this page for live updates.

Here are details of local stops for Conference venues:

  • Subway nearest to the St Andrew’s Building, University of Glasgow – Kelvinbridge or Hillhead
  • Subway stations most central to the city centre for the train station for example are Buchanan Street and St Enoch.

For further local public transport information, please visit the Traveline Scotland.

If you are presenting or chairing a general session, please read the following carefully.

Chairs Notes

Please arrive to the room you’re allocated 15 minutes before the session starts.  On arrival, set up your equipment and meet your fellow presenters. 

The order in which you present is available within the programme.  The last-named presenter acts as the chair.

Each general session is 1 hour 30 minutes –

  • Welcome from chair
  • First speaker 20 minutes
  • Discussant* and Q&A – 10 minutes
  • Second speaker 20 minutes
  • Discussant* and Q&A – 10 minutes
  • Third speaker (Chair) 20 minutes
  • Discussant* and Q&A – 10 minutes
  • Close and thanks from chair.

The chair is responsible for keeping the session to time, managing Q&A and opening/closing the session. 

Before the session starts –

  • Make sure your fellow presenters know the order and time of their presentations
  • Make sure everyone has their IT ready and PowerPoints loaded
  • Open the RES Code of Conduct slide and have this displayed
  • If there are microphones in the room, make sure that the chair and first speaker have these before the session starts
  • Decide amongst yourselves if you will leave all Q&A to the end or take questions at the end of each presenter.

Opening the session –

  1. Welcome the audience to the session
  2. Display the code of conduct slide, reminding everyone in the room that they have a duty to adhere to the code
  3. Give a quick overview of the order of play (who will speak in what order and when you will take Q&A)
  4. Hand over to the first speaker
  5. Keep the session to time.

Closing the session –

  1. Bring the proceedings to an end
  2. Thank the speakers
  3. Thank the audience for their participation
  4. Remind the audience of what session is next in the programme.

Discussant *

If you are presenting in a general session, you will be asked to discuss a paper given in the same session. Please refer to the programme for information on which paper you are discussing and who will be discussing your paper. It is your responsibility to contact the author of the paper you will be discussing and obtain a copy of the paper. Should you experience any issues during this process, please get in touch with the organising committee events@res.org.uk 

When discussing a paper please note: There are 10 minutes allocated for Q&A and discussion, so please do not exceed 5 minutes so that others have time to ask questions. You can use slides for your discussion, but please make sure you have uploaded them to the computer before the start of the session to avoid delays. Please be courteous and professional in your discussion; treat your fellow presenters and their work with the same respect you would like them to extend to you.


Expect the following within the room you are allocated:

  • A screen or monitor
  • A USB port for you to load your presentation from your memory stick/flash drive
  • A PA/microphone (not all rooms)
  • Chairs and tables for delegates (in various configurations).

There will not be a laptop in the room for you to use.

Room allocation

You can see the room you have been allocated in the programme. Volunteers will be on hand to assist you on the day.

(Note – room allocations may need to change up until the day of the conference)


We have a team of student volunteers who will be on hand to help with any troubleshooting around room allocation, AV and timings.  Or do come to the registration desk to speak with the conference organising team.


Please arrive to the room you’re allocated 15 minutes before the session starts.  On arrival, set up your equipment and meet your fellow presenters. 

General sessions – the order in which you speak is available within the programme.  The last-named presenter acts as the chair. If there are 3 papers within your general session, each paper will have 20 minutes to present allowing 10 minutes for discussion and Q&A for each presenter.

Certificate of attendance

If you need a certificate to prove your attendance at conference, you can collect one from the registration desk after your session.

If you are attending to present a poster, please follow the below instructions:

  1. On arrival, you will see large blue poster boards ready in the foyer for you to set up your poster
  2. Please ensure your poster is added to a board by 09.30
  3. Boards will then be moved into the Gymnasium for later in the day
  4. Please be ready to “staff” your board from Lunchtime at 12.30, make sure you pick up some lunch to have with you from the buffet
  5. Each board is numbered
  6. Use the lunchtime break to present your poster and research to the conference delegates
  7. We will use the Slido app for delegates to vote for the “Best Poster in Show – The People’s Choice Award”
  8. You can leave your poster up until later in the day, please remove at the close of the conference, any not removed will be recycled.

Any questions, please email Georgina Jenkins – events@res.org.uk.

Participants will need to print and bring along their poster materials – these must be printed A3 or larger but no bigger than A1 (A1 works really well on the size of the boards we are using). 

We encourage all delegates, to visit the poster sessions, which will be located in the Gymnasium, where lunch will also be served.

Dietary requirements: If you added a dietary requirement to your booking form, please be assured you will be catered for at the conference.  If you have not let us know about a dietary requirement, please email events@res.org.uk as soon as possible. All lunches are buffets and will include vegetarian and vegan options. If you have any other dietary requirement, such as an allergy or require a special meal, email events@res.org.uk and also make yourself know to staff at the registration desk on arrival.

Accessibility: The venue is fully accessible but if you have any issues or concerns, please visit the registration desk or call 07814 909 518 (during conference hours). 

Fire safety and security: In the unlikely event of an emergency or fire, please exit via a fire door.  We understand that its unlikely there will be a fire alarm test during the conference.  

The RES have considered sustainability and the impact of the conference.

Delegate bags: items have been sourced from existing merchandise, all of which have a useful purpose and no new production was required.

Water: we ask that all delegates bring with them a refillable water bottle to use throughout the conference.  There are water refill points at the venue.

Catering: We are using recycled and/or recyclable items throughout the conference were possible to reduce waste.  

The conference is free to attend. 

We ask that all participants look to their own institution/organisation in the first instance for financial support for travel and accommodation  (via – scholarships, departmental grants, conference budgets, etc.).

If you are attending other events in the Adam Smith 300 week in Glasgow, you may also be able to receive assistance with travel and accommodation costs via the University: University of Glasgow – Explore – Adam Smith 300 Year Anniversary – Events – Forthcoming events

For those who cannot fund the expense from other sources, the RES has a small budget to cover travel:

Attendees can apply for up to £100 to cover (UK) travel to and from Glasgow.  Travel must be booked in advance, not on the day.

To apply for a refund you will need:

– To complete the application form after the conference (by Monday 3 July)

– Submit a receipt for your travel (max claim £100)

– Submit an electronic copy of the Certificate of Attendance, which you can collect from the conference registration desk on the day

 – Complete the conference feedback questionnaire.

Note, although we will endeavour to refund all applicants, we will be allocating refunds on a first come first serve basis, so please apply early.  

If you need anything in advance of the conference, please contact Georgina Jenkins, RES Events Manager on events@res.org.uk.  During the conference, the registration desk and RES stand will always be staffed for any queries.