RES statement on ‘Plan S’


In 2018, a coalition of mainly European funding bodies produced a plan – known as ‘Plan S’ –  that will require research funded by those bodies to be published in compliant Open Access (OA) Journals or on compliant OA Platforms. A consultation is currently open on Plan S, and the Royal Economic Society (RES) will be responding. The Society is also liaising with the British Academy, the Academy of Social Sciences, and with other learned societies.

Whilst the RES is supportive of efforts to increase access, the medium and long-run consequences for all disciplines need to be considered carefully before full OA is implemented. The Society is also concerned with the possible unintended consequences of the plan, including the restriction on academic freedom, and the impact on early-career researchers. A commentary from the British Academy sets out some of the key issues.

We encourage members to review Plan S and share your views with us before 31 January 2019.