RES PhD Conference 2023: creating a supportive space for PhD students in economics

The RES PhD Conference 2023 was held on 9 June 2023 generating multiple discussions from various general sessions about different topics in economics.

The conference had 130 attendees and 63 general sessions with two keynote lectures on ‘Global Economic Policy and Economic Careers’ by Dr Adam S. Posen (President of Peterson Institute for International Economics) and ‘How to get published – tips and tricks’ by Prof Herve Moulin (University of Glasgow).

Two awards were also given at the conference for ‘Best Paper’ and ‘Best Poster’. Winner of Best Paper was awarded to Victor Saldarriaga (Paris School of Economics) for the paper ‘The Distributional Dynamics of Wages over the Business Cycle’ and Best Poster was awarded to Lovisa Reiche for the poster ‘That’s What She Said: An Empirical Investigation on the Gender Gap in Inflation Expectations’.

Runner-up for Best Paper, on the other hand, was awarded to Carmen Villa-Llera for the paper ‘The Impact of Youth Centers on Youth Crimes’.  A panel of judges was assembled by Max Schroeder and Yanyu Zhou, our PhD conference organizing leads.

Judging panel: David Jaeger (University of St Andrews), Francesca Flamini (University of Glasgow) and Richard Foltyn (University of Glasgow).

The event was well-received by attendees and seemed to have a positive impact for PhD students in economics. From networking to generating new ideas, the conference created an opportunity for PhD students to come together and create an open space for discussion and brainstorming.

Federico Accursi, one of the PhD Conference attendees from Universidad de Navarra said:

“Honestly, it has been the best activity I have ever participated in my four years of PhD. The friendly environment, the confidence in participating, it was beyond my expectations. You are with colleagues all the time, everyone with the same aspirations, difficulties, and willingness to be the best you can be.”

Carmen Villa-Llera from the University of Warwick commented:

“The event was a huge success. We felt very welcome at the University of Glasgow, and I praise the organising team for such a good coordination of the event. I really enjoyed having so much offer and come back very inspired by the great cohort of economists that is coming up!”

The RES would like to thank the University of Glasgow for hosting this years conference and for their support in coordinating logistics. In particular, our sincere thanks to Max Schroeder and Yanyu Zhou, our PhD conference organising leads who put together a fantastic programme.