RES Institutional Membership

The Royal Economic Society is pleased to introduce Institutional Membership.

Our aim is to connect our Institutional Members at the forefront of the latest economic thinking and research. The membership is designed to provide credibility, intellectual integrity as well as the opportunity to advance learning and share insight and best practice with the wider profession.

It has been developed with the needs of economic consultancies, think tanks, banks, regulators and government departments in mind but may also be of interest to other organisations employing economists or with links to economics.


Institutional Membership affords the organisation certain benefits:

  • All relevant staff at the organisation receive the RES Quarterly Newsletter and the RES Monthly E-News in electronic form.
  • The RES has developed an exclusive seminar program for Institutional Members.
  • The Institutional Member (IM) can run or sponsor a special session at the Annual Conference.
  • The IM will receive an invitation to an annual breakfast meeting with a keynote speaker at the Annual Conference.
  • The IM will receive a free reserved place at the RES Easter School (or equivalent School).
  • The IM will be recognised as an Institutional Member on relevant RES collateral, including its website.
  • IM staff will be able to upgrade to full membership at a 25% discount (and so receive the additional benefits of individual membership).

Annual investment: £5,000 plus VAT. For further information please contact Adam Bryan a.bryan@res.org.uk

Current RES institutional members: