RES Group Membership

Group membership has been designed, primarily, for academic institutions to provide them with a voice and representation within RES and to champion and advance economic thinking. It is a commitment to joining a community of passionate individuals and organisations who use their economic theory and knowledge to make a positive impact on the world.

The RES offers group (bulk) membership for departments and other organisations who wish to provide membership for their staff and/or students. Through group membership, staff or students receive the various benefits of membership including access to the journals and the Collected Works of John Maynard Keynes, a discounted submission fee for the Economic Journal, discounted registration to the annual conference, and opportunities to apply for grants.

For a 1 or 3 year group membership arrangement we offer a 25% discount on the price an individual would usually pay. Further information and terms and conditions are available from Adam Bryan a.bryan@res.org.uk

“RES is a powerful voice for the advancement of economics education and knowledge. Through its CHUDE Committee, we were able to speak up for the importance of properly funded economic research in UK universities.”

- Dr Emiliya Lazarova, Head of School and Associate Professor in Economics, University of East Anglia

Current RES group members: