RES awards further £330k through COVID Academic Support Fund


The Society has awarded the second round of grants from its COVID Academic Support Fund. The fund was created to support members who have been particularly affected by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on UK universities and academic departments, and to support innovations in teaching economics that have arisen from online/blended learning delivery during 2020. This follows the first round of awards made in the spring, which totalled over £150k.

Awards were made to the following in Round 2:

PhD students

Cardiff University: Yuji Fang, Yang Sun, Zequn Xu & Peiying Tian

Imperial College London: Christa Hansen & Yinyin Cai

London School of Economics: Maria Ventura, Jack Fisher, Taka Kawakubo & Nicolas Chanut

Newcastle University: Nichola Williams & Jiahong Han

Queen Mary University of London: Haiqa Ali, Onej Honzik, Dennis Iweze & Ioannis Papadakis

University of East Anglia: James Merewood, Prachi Hejib, Selvin Thanacoody & Vicenc Esteve Guasch.

University of Edinburgh: Yue Gu, Enric Martorell & Camille Boudot-Reddy

University of Essex: Kai Zhang

University of Glasgow: Jinglin Wen

University of Kent: Aniema Atorudiba & Stuart Henderson

University of Leicester: Pasquale Accardo & Sadaf Sadaf

University of Manchester: Veronica Vienne Arancibia, Salauddin Tauseef, Josefina Fabiani, Aroni Barkat, Atif Khan, Manuel Gloria & Eunkyung Lee

University of Strathclyde: Ross Mckenzie

University of Warwick: Todor Tochev, Eleonora Alabrese, Gianni Marciante, Ozge Demirci, Anei Osadci & Amit Chaudhary

University of York: Chaowen Zheng & Roberto Cavazos-Flores

Early career researchers

Cardiff University: Yue Gai

University of Bristol: Rabeya Khatoon

University of Manchester: Caitlin Brown

Teaching innovations

University of Bristol: Danielle Guizzo, Simon D. Halliday & Christian Spielmann

University of East Anglia: Stefania Sitzia

University of Kent:  Buchanan-Hodgman, Co-Is: Duncan, Lampis, Crentsil, Dueber and Mirza, Fraser and Bailey

University of Manchester: Robert O’Neil, Ekaterina Kazak and Ralf Becker

University of York: Mathilde Péron, Soon Wen Hoh &  Thornton