RES 2024 Annual Public Lecture: recording available

RES is pleased to announce that the RES 2024 Annual Public Lecture (APL) recording is now available to view. We held the APL last week at the University of Glasgow with speaker Prof Jane Humphries (University of Oxford and The London School of Economics) and chair Prof Mary Morgan (The London School of Economics). The lecture titled ‘Do economists care?’ talked about economists’ neglect of unpaid caring and household labour. Over 300 students attended the event with another 50 streaming online.

Annually the RES hosts the APL which is aimed at A-Level age students. The event provides an opportunity for students to delve deeper into the subject and explore its relevance in various industries and fields. The lecture is designed to engage and inspire students who already have an interest in economics. By highlighting the breadth of the field, the lecture encourages students to see economics as a dynamic and versatile discipline with real-world implications.

The recording is available here.