RES 2022 Conference Special Session: The Economic Journal


The Royal Economic Society will be holding a special session by The Economic Journal at the 2022 Annual Conference.

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The session will cover topics on Monetary Policy /Culture, Diversity and Conflicts, which will be based on four selected research papers.

The paper presentations will be divided into two halves:

Session 1

The first two papers presented study how does monetary policy impacts financial markets and the real economy? The two presentations of this invited session will address that question from different angles.

The first presentation will focus on the impact of uncertainty about future policy rates on financial markets. The second presentation will test implications for the transmission mechanism of monetary policy shocks of state-dependent pricing models.

Session 2

The last two papers address questions related to culture, diversity and conflicts. The first presentation will investigate the role of a divisive and extractive colonial policy on Hutu–Tutsi discord in Rwanda and Burundi. The second presentation will study how co-ethnic networks affect the economic success of immigrants.


Timo Haber (University of Cambridge, UK): Non-linearities,?state-dependent prices and the transmission mechanism of monetary policy

Aeimit K. Lakdawala (Wake Forest University, USA): Market-Based?Monetary Policy Uncertainty

Arthur Blouin (University of Toronto, Canada): Culture and Contracts – The Historical Legacy of Forced Labour

Michele Battisti (University of California, Davis, USA): Dynamic Effects of Co-Ethnic Networks on Immigrants’ Economic Success

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