RES 2022 Conference covers key papers on economic developments


The Royal Economic Society 2022 Conference is bringing a variety of papers to be presented as part of the sessions.

More than 200 papers from authors of diverse skillsets and backgrounds will be presented, covering a range of research topics that covers issues and solutions regarding the economic sector.

Some topics to watch out for during the conference includes:

  • Labour Economics: Gender, Wages, Demography, Programme Evaluation, Wages, Migration, Family and Household Economics, Labour Supply, Income Distribution and Inequality, Search, Macro, Labour Contracts and Markets
  • Public Economics: Pensions and Savings, Economics of Education, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Health, Taxation, Income Distribution, Inequality and Poverty
  • Economic Measurement and Statistics
  • Empirical Studies: Consumption and Household Behaviour, Social Interactions
  • Industrial Organisation: Studies of Specific Sectors or Markets
  • Economic Theory: Dynamic Games, Bounded Rationality, Information and Uncertainty
  • Economic History
  • Econometrics
  • Finance: Banking, Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, Financial Regulation
  • International Economics: International Finance, Open Economy Macroeconomics, Exchange Rates, International Trade – Empirical Analysis, International Trade – Theory and Structural Estimation
  • Political Economics
  • Development Economics: Credit Markets and Insurance, Development Economics, Political Economy, Gender, Growth and Development
  • Macroeconomics: Inflation and Monetary Policy – Empirical Analysis, Inflation and Monetary Policy – Theory and Calibration, Heterogeneous Agents, Business Cycles, Fiscal Policy, Growth, Consumption and Saving, Macro Finance
  • Experimental and Behavioural Economics: Experiments – Decision Theory
  • Law and Economics
  • Industrial Organisation: Organisations and Firms

For the full list of topics and research papers, including their authors, have a look here.

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