RES 2022 APL recording now available


APL 2022 Recording.PNG

The Royal Economic Society recently held the RES Annual Public Lecture (APL) 2022 at the University of Reading and University of Glasgow with speaker Jagjit Chadha (NIESR) discussing ‘The Money Minders: The parables, trade-off and lags of central banking’.

Established in 2001, our Annual Public Lecture provides an opportunity for school students to watch internationally renowned economists present their research. Principally aimed at sixth form students, the APL has become an established part of the senior school calendar and is free to attend.

This year’s lecture brought together more than 200 young students to enhance their understanding of economics and start discussions on central banking.

For those who missed the lecture, the recording is now available on the RES website and free to view. Have a look to catch up on this insightful discussion on central banking.

View the video here or read more about the APL 2022 here.