RES 2022 Annual Conference wrap up


The RES 2022 Annual Conference has come to a close. The conference was received highly with over 900 registers. It took place from 11-13 April covering a packed schedule of sessions and research findings.

The conference consisted of a selection of special and general sessions, 3 lunchtime chats, an evening panel delivered by the University of Warwick and 4 keynote lectures.

Here is a summary of this year’s conference.

Monday, 11 April

The first day included the in-person hub which was held at the University of Reading, where many participants and speakers gathered to network and attend the sessions together.

The first day of the conference began with a keynote lecture from RES President, Professor Tim Besley (London School of Economics), which was streamed live from Reading. He discussed the topic of ‘The Political Economy of Compliance’, chaired by Professor Mary Morgan. The lecture was welcomed with questions and comments from the crowd.

After a number of general sessions, the day was followed with a networking session led by the RES Women’s Committee, hosted by Professor Erin Hengel (UCL) and Professor Almudena Sevilla (UCL). In the session, participants were able to speak to current committee members from a variety of sectors (academia, government, and industry), to learn about the committee’s activities to foster the progression of women in the Economics Profession, and to find out how you can actively engage with the committee’s program of work.


Following the networking session, the conference also presented a lunchtime chat with Professor Diane Coyle and Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta on the economics of biodiversity. There was then the hub plenary, which included a session about ‘Gender balance in the household and workplace in the Covid recovery’ with keynote by Professor Barbara Petrongolo (University of Oxford) and Cristiano Cantore (Bank of England), Rain Newton-Smith (Confederation of British Industry) and Professor Giovanni Razzu (University of Reading) as discussants. This session was chaired by Professor Marina Della Giusta (University of Reading).


Later on in the day, there was the Economic Journal Keynote Address by Professor Stefanie Stantcheva on ‘How People Think About the Economy: Evidence from Social Economics Surveys’, followed by a number of special sessions. The day ended with an evening lecture from the University of Warwick.

Tuesday, 12 April

The second day of the conference also welcomed an in-person hub based at the University of Manchester. Through the hub, delegates and speakers could view sessions together and have in-person discussions. One of the highlights of the Manchester hub included the poster sessions held in-person at the University of Manchester.


The day started off with a range of general sessions, presenting insightful and topical subjects within economic research. During lunch time, the conference presented another lunchtime chat with Professor Ashwini Deshpande (Ashoka University), Professor Justin Yifu Lin (Peking University) and Professor Leonard Wantchekon (Princeton University), chaired by Dani Rodrik from IEA.

There was also the hub plenary event, streamed live from the University of Manchester, discussing economic growth with Professor Oded Galor (Brown University). Followed by a networking event for PhD students and a range of special sessions, including ones organised by RES Diversity Champion Stefania Paredes Fuentes, NIESR, The Econometrics Journal and The Health Foundation.

The day ended with the Sargan lecture with Professor Serena Ng, covering the topic ‘Imputing Weekly Values of Monthly Economic Indicators’.

Wednesday, 13 April

The third and last day of conference brought the very first RES international hub event, located at Ashoka University in India, which was welcomed successfully by both speakers and students who attended the event in-person, in addition to all virtual attendees.


The day started with more general sessions that highlight various research findings in economics. Towards the afternoon, there was a networking session by RES Diversity Champion, discussing about how everybody could collaborate to improve diversity in economics, as well as a lunchtime chat about ‘platforms, machine learning and privacy’. The chat had Professor Dirk Bergemann (Yale University) and Professor Noam Yuchtman (London School of Economics) as speakers and Stephanie Flanders (Bloomberg) as host.

We then held our hub plenary in India at Ashoka University with Professor Farzana Afridi (Indian Statistical Institute) as speaker and Professor Ashwini Deshpande (Ashoka University) as chair. The session discussed ‘Women, Work and the Role of Technology’.


Nearing to the end of the day, we were presented with another great range of special sessions and closed the day off with the Hahn lecture by Professor Nicolas Bloom (Stanford University) and chaired by Professor Rebecca Riley (Kings College London), discussing ‘the future of working from home’. To top it all off, RES President Tim Besley presented his final thanks bringing the conference to an official close.

Conference on-demand content

For many who would like to rewatch the sessions or did not have a chance to attend the conference, all the sessions are available to view until 29 April. The sessions are available on-demand for £10 for non-conference registers, register here. If you have already registered, you may log back in to the conference platform and enjoy the recorded sessions.

Media briefings

The Royal Economic Society have chosen a number of paper submissions presented at the conference to promote. The findings provide interesting and topical subjects within the economic field. These media briefings are available for journalists to access with the full paper available upon request. For more information on the conference papers and to access the media briefings, click here.

Conference feedback

For those who attended the conference, please do fill out the conference feedback survey on the left-hand side of the conference platform. Your comments matter to us and we hope to improve for future events.

#RES2023 Annual Conference news

The Royal Economic Society is pleased to announce that the RES 2023 Annual Conference will be held in-person at the University of Glasgow from 3-5 April 2023. Keep an eye on our social media and news items for any updates.

We hope to see you next year!