RES 2022 Annual Conference: Welcoming the Range of Special Sessions


The Royal Economic Society is proud to announce that the 2022 Annual Conference will be holding various special sessions by esteemed specialists within the economic field, covering a range of interesting and relevant topics.

The RES special sessions cover 20 different discussions about different topics of relevance within economics.

They will be held within the span of three days, where attendees will be able to attend their topics of interest. The sessions cover topics from ‘women in the economics sector’ and ‘ ethnic wage gaps’ to ‘supply chain shocks’ and ‘policy challenges’, providing diverse subject matters to choose from.

Here is an outline of what to expect from the RES special sessions:

11 April

  • The Efficient Allocation Of Female Talent In The Economics Profession: Cultural And Institutional Factors
  • Pensions and the USS – what is to be done?
  • Supply chain shocks and fragility
  • Ethnic wage gaps in Britain
  • Media Plurality in an online world
  • UK financial institutions’ behaviour’s under stress: A granular investigation of credit, liquidity and market fire-sales risks

12 April

  • Who Studies Economics? An Analysis of the Economics Pipeline
  • Policy challenges/comms
  • COVID and the Economy
  • Labour supply and its impact on healthcare
  • Market power in the digital economy
  • Beyond GDP in practice
  • EctJ – The New Difference-in-Differences

13 April

  • New in the Economic Journal: Monetary Policy /Culture, Diversity and Conflicts
  • A systematic literature review of pedagogical papers in Economics Education 2020-2021: Insights from our collective practice during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The Productivity Institute; University of Manchester
  • Education and youth custody
  • Firms, trade and development
  • Political Economy at Warwick
  • Showcasing economics in government

For more information about the special sessions, have a look at the conference program here.

To book your place at conference and more information, view here.