RES 2022 Annual Conference: Keynote session from the Economic Journal


Keynote lecture - EJ-supporting image-01.png

The Royal Economic Society is pleased to announce that Professor Stefanie Stantcheva (Harvard University) will be speaking at the RES Annual Conference 2022 Economic Journal Keynote address.

The keynote will cover the topic of ‘How People Think About the Economy: Evidence from Social Economics Surveys’ and chaired by Professor Francesco Lippi, Editor-in-Chief at the Economic Journal (LUISS University).

This talk will present new evidence on how people think about economic policy issues leveraging large scale social economics surveys and experiments in several countries.

We will specifically focus on support for redistribution policies and their link to immigration, social mobility, social positions, understanding of policies, and changes due to the pandemic.

Stefanie Stantcheva is a professor of Economics at Harvard University. Her research focuses on how to improve the tax and transfer system for firms and individuals. She combines theory and empirics to study the effects of taxes and transfers on human capital, capital, migration and innovation and how to incorporate these effects into our tax models. She also explores what drives people’s social preferences, attitudes, and perceptions using large-scale online surveys and experiments.

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