RES 2022 Annual Conference: A special session by RES Diversity Champion


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The RES 2022 Annual Conference will be holding a special session brought by the Royal Economic Society Diversity Champion, Professor Stefania Paredes Fuentes from the University of Warwick, who will be chair of the session.

The RES Diversity Champion helps embed diversity more fully into the RES’s decision-making and promote and monitor diversity across all the Society’s activities.

The session will cover the topic of ‘Who Studies Economics? An Analysis of the Economics Pipeline’ and will be held on Tuesday, 12 April, 15:00-16:30.

In this session we will look at alternative ways to think of the ‘leaky pipeline’ in Economics, considering how socio-economic background interacts with other demographic characteristics and the role that universities play in closing awarding gaps. The panellists will talk about their works on mapping socio-demographic data to demographic variables such as gender and ethnicity, the socio-economic diversity in PhD students and how university policies affect student attainment and contribute to create awarding gaps among various demographics.

The speakers of this session consist of the following:

  • Anna Stansbury, MIT
  • Tim Burnett, Aston University
  • Gabriella Cagliesi, University of Sussex
  • Laura van der Erve, IFS

To attend this special session, make sure to book your place at conference here.

View the full programme here.