RES 2022 Annual Conference: A special session by Ofcom


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The RES 2022 Annual Conference will be holding a special session brought by Ofcom, UK’s communications regulator, covering the topic of ‘media plurality in an online world’ on Monday, 11 April, 16:15-17:45.

The cornerstone of an effective democracy is that voters are well informed and can hold their elected representatives to account. To support that aim in the UK there are longstanding media plurality rules that are aimed at ensuring that there are a sufficient plurality of news voices to choose from and that no one has undue influence over the news we read.

More of us than ever are reading news online, often through online services that act as an intermediary between the newsroom and the reader. Digital intermediaries can help us find the news we want but they can also influence the news we see in a number of different ways.

This session would debate how we might analyse and assess the role of these new agents in the delivery of news and how might regulators adapt to that change.

It will be chaired by Dr Luisa Affuso – Chief Economist (Ofcom) and consist of a range of speakers that are experts in the field:

  • Simeon Thornton, Director of Economics, Ofcom
  • Prof Andrea Prat, Columbia University, NY
  • Dr. Rumman Chowdhury – Director of ML Ethics, Transparency & Accountability, Twitter
  • Prof. Rasmus Nielsen – Reuters Institute for the study of journalism

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