RES 2022 Annual Conference: A special session by GES


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The RES 2022 Annual Conference will be holding a special session by the Government Economic Service (GES), which will cover a range of speakers from difference institutions within government.

The session will cover the topic of ‘showcasing economics in government’ and will be held on Wednesday, 13 April 2022, 15:00-16:30.

Leaders of the Government Economic Service will present a special session providing an insight into the work of the nearly 4000 economists working in the UK Government. They will give an overview of current research priorities and their insights on how academics can most effectively engage with policy-makers. They will also discuss the diversity of the economics profession in and out of government, and our shared mission to improving it.

The line-up of speakers consists of:

  • Sam Beckett (Second-Permanent Secretary at the Office for National Statistics and Joint-Head of the GES)
  • Amanda Rowlatt (Chief Analyst at the Department for Transport)
  • Tom Aldred (Head of the GESR Team)

To join this session and other amazing sessions at the RES 2022 Annual Conference, make sure to book your place. For more information and registrations, click here.

View the full programme here.