RES 2021 Symposium of Junior Researchers


The RES Symposium of Junior Researchers was held online (in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast) on 18 May. The symposium aims to bring together young economists at different stages of their research to encourage discussion and the sharing of knowledge. Fifty delegates attended the symposium, with 30 papers presented.

The symposium was opened with an introduction from RES President Dame Carol Propper, followed by the keynote address given by Dr Andrew Clark, CNRS Research Professor at Paris School of Economics on ‘The consequences of economic insecurity’. In the afternoon, Hans-Joachim Voth, Professor at the Economics Department of the University of Zurich, gave a presentation on ‘how to get a paper published’.

A number of breakout sessions covered topics including macroeconomics, political economy, microeconomics and behaviour/theory.

Every year a prize is awarded for the best paper presented at the symposium. This year’s winner will be announced shortly.

For more information on the symposium follow the link here.