Raffaella Giacomini starts as Co-editor of The Econometrics Journal


We are delighted that, on May 1, Raffaella Giacomini joined Dennis Kristensen, Petra Todd, and Victor Chernozhukov as a new Co-editor. Raffaella has done great work on macroeconometrics, macro-finance, and forecasting with a keen eye for econometrics that has applied relevance. She is also a seasoned editor. She is a perfect match to the journal’s editorial aims and will complement the other Co-editors very well.

Raffaella succeeded Michael Jansson, whose third and final (by the Society's rules) term expired on May 1. Michael has been with The Econometrics Journal for many years, including the last nine as a Co-editor. He was closely involved in developing the journal's new editorial policy in 2016 and has been instrumental in making it a success in the following years. He did so by handling submissions quickly, avoiding major revisions whenever possible, and publishing focused and practically relevant contributions to econometrics. His service to the journal has been flawless and will be dearly missed.