Quantitative Easing: Triumph or Folly? One day Conference, London by invitation only


RES Members are invited to attend a Conference on Quantitative Easing: Triumph or Folly? at the Institute of Economic Affairs, London on 3rd November 2016 – 9:00am – 5:30pm
BY INVITATION ONLY. Please contact Gail Grimston should you wish to request an invitation (gail.grimston@buckingham.ac.uk)

Organised by Juan Castañeda and Tim Congdon (Institute of International Monetary Research)
Keynote speakers: Tim Congdon, Diana Choyleva, John Greenwood, Alistair Milne, Jamie Dannhauser, Christopher Neeley, George Selgin, Ryland Thomas, James Ferguson, Andrew Rozanov, Hendrik Hagedorn, Juan Castañeda.

Full version of the programme available on line http://www.mv-pt.org/events