RES Newsletter October 2023

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In this issue:

01 FROM THE PRESIDENT Mary Morgan contributes a Letter from the RES President

02 LETTER FROM AMERICA Daron Acemoglu describes four possible futures for the use of AI in education

05 DISCOVER ECONOMICS How a schools outreach programme is addressing a lack of exposure to economics

08 PROFILE We profile Past RES President Sir John Vickers, on the roads taken and not taken

10 ECONOMICS BLOGS David McKenzie on the evolving role of blogs in economics communication

12 ANNUAL PUBLIC LECTURE Wendy Carlin answers our questions about her Annual Public Lecture and public communication

16 COMMUNICATION How economists can learn from the academic study of science communication

18 J. K. GALBRAITH The long career of the public intellectual John Kenneth Galbraith

21 AI AND PRODUCTIVITY Given the many developments in AI, Daniel Rock asks how it will affect productivity, now and in the future

24 WOMEN’S COMMITTEE Chloe Maycock on inspiring the next generation of women economists

26 NEWS AND EVENTS Various items, including the RES Conference and an update from the Economics Observatory

28 FROM THE ARCHIVE The profession and the public, from the July 2017 issue

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