RES Newsletter July 2024

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In this issue:

01 FROM THE PRESIDENT We hear from new RES President Sir Christopher Pissarides

02 LETTER FROM GERMANY Michael Burda writes about rebalancing and a real depreciation in the Eurozone

04 ANNUAL CONFERENCE We cover the plenary sessions of the 2024 RES Conference at Queen’s University Belfast

10 MARKETS AND MORALS Gustav Agneman describes his prize winning research with Esther Chevrot-Bianco

12 THE PROFILE We put our questions to Past RES President Mary S. Morgan, Albert O. Hirschman Professor of the History and Philosophy of Economics at the LSE

14 VOTING REFORM In this year of elections around the world, Eric Maskin writes about some recent developments in the theoretical analysis of voting systems

18 D&I NETWORK Alvin Birdi and Danielle Guizzo make a case for broadening and diversifying economics

20 ANNUAL PUBLIC LECTURE Jane Humphries on how to value care and household labour in economics

23 MEETING ROBERT SOLOW Sir Partha Dasgupta writes about his fond memories of the late Robert Solow

26 NEWS AND EVENTS Society news, including a new President and President-Elect

28 THE ECONOMETRICS JOURNAL An update from The Econometrics Journal, including prizes and invited lectures

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