RES Newsletter July 2022

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In this issue:

01 THE EDITORIAL A brief introduction to this issue and its main feature, the report on the RES Annual Conference

02 LETTER FROM GERMANY In his annual Letter from Germany, Michael Burda discusses the effects of the energy crisis

04 CONFERENCE CALLING Soumaya Keynes of The Economist draws out some of the main themes of the RES Annual Conference

11 PROFILE Trollope, the 1950s, and the benefits of open societies: a profile of Past RES President, Tim Besley

14 CONSTRUCTING ECONOMIC SCIENCE The historian and translator Keith Tribe on how economics became an academic discipline

16 BANKING ON INTEREST IN PRICES We put questions about central banking to Jagjit Chadha, who gave this year’s Annual Public Lecture

20 Renée Adams and Michelle Lowry discuss women’s experiences of discrimination in finance

22 OBITUARY An obituary for the economist Dick Sargent, by Geoffrey Wood

24 THE ECONOMICS NETWORK The Economics Network provide an update on their recent activities supporting teaching

25 THE ECONOMETRICS JOURNAL An update on a year in the life of The Econometrics Journal, by its Managing Editor Jaap Abbring

26 NEWS AND EVENTS Various items, including grant schemes, an OBE for Sarah Smith, and the Annual Public Lecture

28 FROM THE ARCHIVE This issue, we look back at Mario Pisani’s conference report, from the July 2007 issue

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