RES Newsletter January 2023

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In this issue:

01 FROM THE PRESIDENT A Letter from the RES President on new developments

02 LETTER FROM FRANCE Alan Kirman on climate change, inflation, French politics, and the baguette

04 PROFILE We profile the Nobel laureate Sir Angus Deaton, author of fifty Letters from America

06 CLIMATE CHANGE The first part of a summary of autumn’s RES Climate Change Summit, chaired by Lord Stern

11 TWO HUNDRED NUMBERS Former editor Peter Howells reflects on the history of the Newsletter since September 1972

14 THE YEAR IN BOOKS Diane Coyle reviews some recent titles

16 ECONOMICS AS A CRAFT Michael Weisbach gives advice on treating the practice of economics as a craft

18 READING JAN TINBERGEN Erwin Dekker writes about the life and influential work of the Nobel laureate Jan Tinbergen

21 A FORMAL STATEMENT The Women’s Committee introduce a formal statement

22 WOMEN’S COMMITTEE Victoria Bateman reviews a book on hidden women economists

24 FOUR-PART HARMONY We hear from two long-standing members of the Society

26 NEWS Various items, including grants and group membership

28 EVENTS Some forthcoming events

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