RES Newsletter January 2022

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In this issue:

01 THE EDITORIAL The Editor introduces the issue, including the cover feature on economics and natural experiments

02 LETTER FROM FRANCE Alan Kirman writes about several problems still with us, and what the electorate think

04 PROFILE A profile of Sir Stephen Nickell covers economics, football, his research training, and luck

06 ECONOMISTS AND THE CLIMATE Richard Davies writes about Glasgow, last autumn’s COP26, and the view from the Economics Observatory

08 THE UNFNISHED REVOLUTION Jörn-Steffen Pischke answers our questions about the Credibility Revolution and applied econometrics

11 READING COLIN CLARK Alex Millmow writes about the life and times of Colin Clark

14 GOVERNMENT ECONOMIC SERVICE Tom Aldred on the UK’s Government Economic Service and the role for academics

16 AN UPDATE FROM CORE Phil Thornton reports on new developments at CORE and the UK’s first Stone Centre

18 THE GREEN GROWTH BLUES A discussion of green growth, in a year of anniversaries for environmentalists

21 OBITUARY An obituary for Donald Moggridge, prepared by Susan Howson

24 THE WOMEN’S COMMITTEE Misa Tanaka on how to improve the gender balance in UK economics

26 NEWS AND EVENTS Various items, including this year’s RES Conference

28 FROM THE ARCHIVE An earlier piece on CORE

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