RES Newsletter April 2023

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In this issue:

01 FROM THE PRESIDENT Nick Crafts contributes a Letter from the RES President

02 LETTER FROM AMERICA Daron Acemoglu writes about the return of industrial policy in the United States

05 READING ADAM SMITH An introduction to Glasgow’s Adam Smith at 300, by Glasgow’s Craig Smith

08 PROFILE We profile Past RES President Sir David Hendry, who notes the benefits of reading widely

10 CLIMATE POLICY Why the risk of free riding in climate policy means supply-side policies may be needed

12 ECONOMISTS AND THE PUBLIC Johnny Runge on the public understanding of economics

14 TEACHING CLIMATE CHANGE The second half of a summary of the RES Climate Change Summit, on teaching climate change

19 ECONOMIC JOURNAL A report on the last year at the Economic Journal, and its increasing impact factor

20 WOMEN’S COMMITTEE Caroline Coly on practical steps to address sexual harassment

22 OBITUARY An obituary of Sir Alan Budd, by Nick Macpherson

24 OBITUARY An obituary of Ray Rees, by Florian Englmaier

26 NEWS AND EVENTS Various items, including several related to Adam Smith

28 FROM THE ARCHIVE A monument to Adam Smith

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