RES Newsletter April 2022

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In this issue:

01 THE EDITORIAL The Editor introduces a special issue on international tax reforms and climate policies

02 LETTER FROM AMERICA Daron Acemoglu explains why economists should approach climate policy differently

05 CORPORATE TAX Michael P. Devereux writes about fundamental reforms to the international regime for corporate tax

08 PROFILE A profile of Sir Richard Blundell covers his upbringing and figures he admires, not least Miles Davis

10 BORDER CARBON ADJUSTMENT Michael Keen explains why this has gone from a theoretical curiosum to increasing prominence

12 MONT PELERIN SOCIETY Bruce Caldwell looks back to the founding event

14 COVID AND LMICS Edward Miguel and Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak on the pandemic and possible strategies

18 CAREER STRUCTURES Oriana Bandiera and Imran Rasul describe a new initiative on career structures

20 THE WOMEN’S COMMITTEE The past and present of the mentoring programme for early-career female economists

22 OBITUARY An obituary for Geoff Harcourt, prepared by Peter Kriesler

25 THE ECONOMIC JOURNAL A brief look back at a year in the life of the Economic Journal

26 NEWS AND EVENTS Various items, including this year’s RES Conference

28 FROM THE ARCHIVE An earlier piece on corporate tax

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