RES Newsletter April 2021

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01 THE EDITORIAL: Endings and new beginnings: a brief introduction to the redesigned April 2021 issue, from the new editor

02 LETTER FROM… The farewell Letter from America by Sir Angus Deaton, reflecting on past Letters, and his life and times

07 LETTER FROM… HIGHLIGHTS: Highlights from the Letters from America, chosen by the editor, and an appreciation from Peter Howells

10 PROFILE: From Marshall to obesity, and other discoveries: a question-and-answer profile of Dame Rachel Griffith

12 THE COVID-19 RECESSION AND HEALTH: James Banks, Heidi Karjalainen, and Dame Carol Propper consider how the Covid-19 recession will influence future health

15 AN UPDATE FROM THE ECONOMICS NETWORK: Alvin Birdi and Caroline Elliott take stock on the pivot to teaching online, and describe the ongoing response of the Economics Network

18 COMMENT: A comment from Jan Toporowski, and a response from the original authors, Roger Backhouse and James Forder

20 THE WOMEN’S COMMITTEE: How concrete steps on recruitment could improve the representation of women in economics

21 THE ECONOMIC JOURNAL: An update on a year in the life of the Economic Journal, based on the detailed report for 2020

22 OBITUARIES: An obituary for Domenico Mario Nuti, prepared by Joseph Halevi and Peter Kriesler

23 NEWS: A selection of news items, including a new Joint Managing Editor for the Economic Journal

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