New grant schemes for RES members


The RES is relaunching its grant programmes from January 2021. The changes follow a working group review and are designed to better align with the Society’s strategic aims of supporting economists and improving diversity in the discipline.

The changes are as follows:

The RES Knowledge Transfer Projects (KTPs) grants will provide funding up to a maximum of £2,000 for projects that increase the sharing of knowledge and expertise between academic and non-academic economists or those in related fields. For example, an RES member in a public or private sector organisation could invite an academic economist to contribute to a project concerning a business or policy issue. Proposals that involve Continuing Professional Development (eg. an academic economist contributing to an organisation’s CPD via delivering a workshop) will also be welcome.

Research Dissemination Grants (formerly Special Project Grants) provide funding up to a maximum of £2,000 for activities involving the discussion and dissemination of economic research. The activities may include the organisation of workshops, mini-conferences, short seminar series, and could be on-line entirely or in part. The purpose is to bring together a group of researchers from different institutions focusing on a specific area of interest and promote its development and understanding among the academic community. Please note that funding of research projects or research assistance is excluded.

The RES Small Academic Expenses scheme has been discontinued, whilst the Conference Grant Scheme continues largely unchanged.

Denise Hawkes, Education & Training committee chair said “Our current grant programmes have been in place for some years. Some had become under-used and it was not always clear that funds were being directed to those who would benefit most from them. The revised grants programme will offer a broader range of funding opportunities for a wider part of our membership. I am particularly keen to see how connections between academic and non-academic economists can be forged from the new Knowledge Transfer Project grants.

Further information on each scheme is now available on the Society’s website. Members will be advised when the schemes are open for applications.