New Associate Editors Join The Econometrics Journal at End of Year with Major Editorial Changes


We are happy to report that Pedro Carneiro (UCL) and Alfred Galichon (NYU) have agreed to join The Econometrics Journal as Associate Editors and that 28 Associate Editors have accepted renewed appointments. Serena Ng resigned; we thank her warmly for her six years of service to the Journal.

The Associate Editors provide invaluable services to the Journal as senior referees, consultants on Journal policy, and ambassadors. The current Editorial Board is listed on the website.

The Associate Editor appointments and renewals follow a year with some major editorial changes. On May 1, Jaap Abbring replaced Richard Smith as Managing Editor, Tobias Klein started as Deputy Managing Editor (replacing Alexei Onatski), and the Editorial Office moved to Tilburg.

Richard has been key to the development of The Econometrics Journal. He was one of its founders in 1988 and reorganised it twice. Just over a decade ago, he introduced the current editorial structure, which, to this day, allows the Journal to draw on a large number of excellent econometricians for advice and support. Last year, he introduced a new editorial policy, which emphasises the rapid dissemination of original contributions to econometrics with demonstrable value to applied research in economics.

Tobias Klein will continue the good work of Alexei Onatski, but in the elevated role of Deputy Managing Editor. He will generally support the Managing Editor and the Co-Editors in the management of the Journal and its strategy and, more specifically, take the lead in screening new submissions, editing book reviews, checking replication packages, and turning accepted into published papers.

Finally, John Rust joined The Econometrics Journal as a Co-Editor on June 1. The Co-Editors are now Victor Chernozhukov, Dennis Kristensen, Michael Jansson, and John Rust. John is not only a great researcher, but also a seasoned editor, with a keen interest in ensuring that econometrics is useful in applied research. This makes him a perfect fit to the Journal's current editorial policy.