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Economics makes an amazing contribution to our everyday lives, from tacking the challenges of climate change, food security and health inequalities to understanding the economics of artificial intelligence, charitable giving, education and crime. Economists regularly have to step-up and produce solutions to deal with complex, real-world problems. Such work is based on sound theoretical principles and empirical evidence rooted in academic research. 

The RES has played a role supporting economists to find the answers to the world’s greatest challenges for over one hundred years and aims to continue to do so for the next hundred years and beyond. We believe robust economic understanding and policy can create fairer, stronger and healthier communities and improve the living conditions of all members of society.

“RES Membership provides me with the opportunity to be part of a vibrant community of amazing people rich in knowledge and experience.  It enables me to participate in invaluable events and training sessions vital for personal and professional growth, while also developing a strong network of support.”

- Dr Maria Psyllou, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Birmingham

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RES members include Nobel Prize winners, students, professors, teachers, chief economists and a broad range of individuals in government, academia, education and business. One thing that unites them is a passion to use their economic theory and knowledge to make a positive impact on the world.

We encourage excellence, diversity and inclusion in all of our activities and seek to represent economists in all areas of the discipline. We welcome new members from all backgrounds, from all parts of the world.

RES is here to support you with opportunities and resources to advance your knowledge; connect with your community, gain professional recognition and develop your career.

  • RES members receive digital access to the Economics Journal (published eight times a year) and Econometrics Journal
  • Access to the digital (and real) archive of the Economic Journal and Econometrics Journal (30,000 articles)
  • Opportunity to submit articles to both Journals at discounted member rate
  • Members receive the Quarterly Newsletter featuring the latest news, features, analysis and comment
  • Monthly e-news to keep you up to date with news about RES and the economics community.
  • Exclusive member-only events, webinars and videos featuring world renowned economists
  • RES members get priority booking and special rates for the sector’s flagship event, the Annual Conference
  • Priority booking and special rates for RES events including the PhD conference, Easter Training School and Annual Public Lecture
  • Connect with like-minded economist through the Member Directory – a searchable database of members including career stage, profession and specialism.
  • Be part of a community that strives to make the profession inspiring and inclusive with priority booking for the Women in Economics Network, Diversity Network, Discover Economics and D&I programmes
  • Exclusive volunteering opportunities.
  • RES Members are provided with member-only content, including sessions from the Annual Conference, webinars, events and over 300 videos
  • Online access to the collected writings of John Maynard Keynes (a former editor of the Economics Journal).