Meet the RES 2022 Conference lunchtime chat speakers


The Royal Economic Society is pleased to announce the lunchtime chat speakers for the 2022 Annual Conference.

The conference will feature a range of speakers that specialize in different economic fields from various universities and institutions.

The lunchtime chats will take place within the span of the three-day conference covering different topics within the economic realm.

Have a look at the speakers here:

annual conference-lunchtime chats speakers4.png


11 April

Theme: The economics of biodiversity

Speakers: Professor Diane Coyle (University of Cambridge) and Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta (University of Cambridge)

12 April

Theme: Towards a more inclusive economics

Speakers: Ashwini Deshpande (Ashoka University), Justin Yifu Lin (Peking University) and Leonard Wantchekon (Princeton University)

Chair: Professor Dani Rodrik (Harvard Kennedy School)

13 April

Theme: Platforms, machine learning and privacy

Speakers: Dirk Bergemann (Yale University) and Noam Yuchtman (London School of Economics)

Chair: Stephanie Flanders (Bloomberg News)

For the full information on speakers, click here.

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