Unemployment dynamics in Britain


Series: data are 1966:1 to 1998:4


CYCLE GNP(A) constant factor cost (DJDD) – HP(1600) trend
E_ALL Employment
E_MALE Employment, male
HP_GNP HP(1600) trend of GDP(A) at constant factor cost (DJDD)
I_ALL Unemployment Inflows
I_MALE Unemployment Inflows, male
LF_ALL Labour force
LF_MALE Labour force, male
U_ALL Unemployment
U_CONS_ALL Unemployment consistent across definition changes
U_MALE Unemployment, male
UR_ALL Unemployment rate: ur_all=u_all/lf_all
UR_CONS_ALL Unemployment rate consistent for definition changes
UR_MALE Unemployment rate: ur_male=u_male/lf_male
VAC Vacancies (000”s)
X_ALL Unemployment rate: created from I(t) and DU(t+1)
X_MALE Unemployment rate: created from I(t) and DU(t+1), male