Liability-Creating Versus Non-Liability Creating Fiscal Stabilization Policies

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Description of data:

The regressions were run in TSP, and the underlying data are in
two ASCII files, BAY_MAS.DT1 and BAY_MAS.DT2. To work out which series
are which, look at the order of the series from the read commands
in any of the regressions programs (NEW_REG.TSP, BASE_REG.TSP,
and NEW_PDI.TSP). The series are then described in MNEMONIC.TXT below.

The regressions can be run from NEW_REG.TSP, BASE_REG.TSP, NEW_PDI.TSP.
The contents for the series are described in the file MNENOMIC.TXT

The data are in a stacked panel, with each series ordered as follows:

Alberta, Sasketchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick,
Price Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia.
Note. British Columbia was excluded because of data problems.

Each series runs from 1966-93, and has 28 data points. The total size
of the data set is thus 9 (no. of provinces) x 28 = 252. The first 28
entries correspond to the relevant data for Albert, the next 28 for
Sasketchewan, etc.

The underlying raw data are available upon request from Tamim Bayoumi
at the IMF (E-mail: tbayoumi@imf.org)at the IMF.
Note, however, that they were created in a program used
at the Fund called AREMOS, and are stored in AREMOS databanks, which
may lower their utility to other users.